Welcome to The Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House!

Waterfront dining that offers more than just a deliciously unique menu! We share in an appreciation for great service, as well as great experiences. Enjoy our beautiful panoramic waterfront views and make sure to check out the history of our location in our display area. It’s something we honor and cherish.

Frances Langford circa 1946

The Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House location is intrinsically unique, as it sits over-hanging the river’s edge. This special touch came when it was built by the famous historic movie star, Frances Langford. With such an appropriate placement, it gives it’s customers the most spectacular panoramic views. These exceptional views span from the Stuart Causeway all the way up the river to the Jensen Beach Causeway Bridge. Incorporate the restaurant’s superb location with The Dolphin’s signature dish, The Dolphin a la Dolphin, and it is easy to feel the impact of these surroundings.


Imagine this… A filet of the freshest locally caught Dolphin, sautéed in flour and egg to a beautiful light brown glaze, flavored with dry white wine, butter, lemon, capers, and fresh herbs, sitting in front of you. It’s savory odors captivate you as you take in the relaxing riverfront ambiance. It’s fantastic! And that dish is just one snippet of the many sumptuous treats offered at The Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House.

Frances Langford’s love of the Polynesian Islands, a place she visited while she entertained America’s fighting forces in the Pacific theatre during WWII, inspired her to build the Outrigger Restaurant and Resort in the 1960’s. During WWII, Lt. Frederic M. Ayres Jr. was among those men and women whom she had charmed. He had captained a US Navy Sub Chaser and was the father of The Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House’s founder, Fred Ayres. Fred Ayres visited The Outrigger with his father in the 1960’s while the resort was in it’s prime. When Ayres saw the once magnificent Outrigger in a state of disrepair in the 1990’s, he knew the historic structure still held the warmth that Frances Langford had instilled in it. And it was with Frances Langford Stuart’s help and well wishes that the building, that had once held the exotic Outrigger and it’s famous patrons, was refurbished and restored. While gratitude towards Frances for her help and the historic past she bestowed upon these premises will never fade, The Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House is a house built on the foundation of exquisite food and fine and happy times.

Frances Langford had celebrated special occasions, family birthdays, and the Christmas Holidays at The Dolphin. She was among the first customers to be greeted at the door by owner Fred Ayres on The Dolphin’s opening night.Her kindness and grace will never be forgotten. But Frances loved good food and she loved to have fun – and it will be great food and good times that carry forward in the spirit of The Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House, as they will in the spirit of Frances Langford Stuart.


For her warmth and the celebration of such friends as Bob Hope, who graced this house as Frances’s guests, we say “Thanks for the Memories”. For the wisdom and quiet generosity with which Frances enriched our community, we say “Thank you very much”! And for the soldiers and seamen and seawomen whose days were brightened as they fought a nightmarish war, we say to Frances, “God Bless You”. But Frances was a person who looked forward in a spirit of optimism and the enjoyment of life, and in her honor we raise our glasses to good food and good times, past and future. And we say “Cheers”!!!

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