Food & Wine Pairing Series

Food & Wine Pairing Series

PLEASE NOTE: We are still following social distancing guidelines, wearing masks & gloves, doing temperature checks, and more. Our COVID-19 Safety Regulations are available here on our website.
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Our COVID-19 Safety Regulations
Safe and delicious dining experiences are our top priority.

Food & Wine are kind of a big deal at The Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House. Our Chefs truly enjoy taking the time to put together a well thought out and delicious 4-course meal paired with some amazing wines.

The last Sunday of every month at 5:30PM, we dedicate our private Banquet Room to guests who share our passion for food and wine.

Tickets are $6o – including tax and gratuity –¬†and must be purchased in advance.

Call or stop by to reserve yours!

If you would like to be reminded of the next pairing so you have first dibs on reserving your seat, as well as learn exactly what food and wines will be offered for the next Food & Wine Pairing, please fill in your email below!

Call to reserve your seats! Hostess Desk: 772.781.5136