Get in line for your table!

We seat upon arrival, HOWEVER we do offer you a way to put yourself in line once you are on your way!

When you open the Yelp mobile app on iOS or Android, you can either:

1. Use the search bar to search the name of the Nowait restaurant you are interested in, or

2. Click the Waitlist icon or search the term “waitlist” to see every Nowait restaurant around you along with the live wait times.

Once you click into a business, you’ll see the live wait time and the option to “Join the Waitlist”.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not present when your name is called to be seated, the app will go to the next in line.  It’s best to arrive and check in with the hostess desk about 5 minutes before your table is expected to become available so you don’t miss your table. 

For your convenience, you may click the link below to access the download page to add the Yelp app to your mobile device:

Put yourself in line for a table! Download the YELP app!